Thursday, May 24, 2012

Addendum: Napa Valley

I wanted to share more pictures from our fabulous trip to the Wine country...Some are just too priceless not to share.  Thank you Summer and Becky for capturing these pictures! 

Dinner in Downtown Napa

Just us Girls

Jay and Heather
 Summer and Chad

The Sanchez's
 Apparently I had stepped away for a moment and Brett didn't want to miss the opportunity for a photo.
 And I am Back!
 (Doesn't he looked much happier when I am in the pictture?!)

Me with pout face when I was given a plate missing my filet and lobster tail.
 Common theme for the weekend

The next day we did our private wine tours and tasting.  Our first stop Truchard

The inspiration for their label

Although I bet they'd get more sales with this label.....
just sayin'

Sequoia Groves was our 3rd stop

Being as it was our 3rd...their were moments like this....

and converstions about how to transport the cases of wine back home...just wish we could have recalled the converstaion when we were packing 2 days later....

Of course there was more of this....

Our last stop...

Surrounded by beautiful scenery

Incerdible people....

and my Most FAVORITE person...

I was dancing in Heaven!

The next day the guys golfed and the girls opted to take our own Napa Valley adventures.....

We visited Catillo di Amarose. A replica middle aged castler turned winery, also featured in an episode of the Bachelor...there's a fun fact for ya!

The castle feautured displays of artifacts from the middle ages....I was amused byt eh truture chair with nails.

Heather fancied his sword....

We all enjoyed the wine afterwards :)

We treated ourseleves for a lunch at Auberge de Soleil.  I am sad to say that we forgot to take pictures of the incredible views, but probably cause we were immersed in the fabulous food and fantastic company.

Our last stop of the day was Domaine Carneros. A sparkling wine vineyard.

We ended the tour with some inspiring words...
"Wine is the constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy"

Thanks again Summer and Becky for sharing your pictures!!!!

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