Thursday, May 24, 2012

Brooklyn turns 4!!!!!

Yesterday was the day of Brooklyn's 4th birthday. Even though her birthday was celebrated a few days ago with a big party, we still had a fun day planned. The "Birthday Fairy" (we have fairies for all sorts of reasons and the Toy Fairy who comes and collects all toys not put away in the proper place to give to needy kids ...They are all employed by Santa ...) made an appearance and decorated the house the morning of her birthday.

We opened up more presents....

Played with the balloons

The afternoon was spent doing what Brooklyn requested.  She wanted a smoothie, rode her new scooter around...played with all her new toys, went swimming with her friend Amaya where she and her sister were finally able to show Amaya that they both know how to swim without floaties.  Finally we wrapped up the day with dinner at Brooklyn's choice of establishment.  She chose the "Star" resturant which I finally figured out she meant San Tan Flat, whose emblem and sign has a Big Star on it. 

What a Great day to celebrate our little girl turning 4!!!!

Happy Birthday "Bow-Kwan" Spoken in Sheasus terms. 

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