Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Ballerinas....in a week they will have their first Dance Recital and moving on from Dance to Gymnastics.  Both my girls love going to Dance class so we're partly sad to be ending this era, but there is something about my little Monkies that just tells us that they'll love and thrive well in Gymnastics. 

Miss Brooklyn. 
My very sweet patient and kind little girl.  She  is just so good.  Good little helper, great big sister showing Sheasus the ropes, and just full of love.  The conversations she has with us and even her little sister just floors me these days! Still quite obsessed with puppies.  That's a future post, but still haven't been able to track all 100 plus puppies down.   


Miss Sheasus.
Still my itty bitty, but just full of spunk.  She's quite indepedent and at that stage where she wants to do whatever.....on her own.  She'll make quite the stink when we help her with something and in fact if help is given when not asked, she'll make sure to start the whole process over until it is done her way.  She's pottty trained except during naps and bedtime.  She insists on sleeping with her sister.  We're attempting to ween her off her naps since bedtime at night is becoming a struggle.  She insists that she is 3 years old, but still the size of a 1 year old but truly 2.5 years old.  I finally went through her closet and filtered out the 6 to 9 month clothing.  Onesies just don't work when you are potty trained!  

How can you just not love these two to pieces?!

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