Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our Munchkins made their first appearance on the big stage last weekend.
Words seriously can not express how proud we were as parents.  Ya ya ya, blah blah I know they are only 2.5 and 4 years old, how good could it really have been?!  Both my girls are pretty shy so getting them on the stage was worrisome for me. Truthfully I would have been pleased if they just got on the stage and stood there looking cute.  They more then exceeded our expectations.  Not only did they get on stage,  they danced (the WHOLE routine, albeit while watching their dance teacher), smiled, and had fun doing so!

This picture cracks me up.....can your see the apprehension on her face?!

Just to give you an idea of Sheasus' she is standing with part of the studio on stage.  By far the smallest and youngest in the dance company.  She was incredibly cute doing her routine.  Wasn't even phased by the girl next to her standing there trying to talk to her during their number.  I'm not gonna lie...was a bit floored that she actually kept up with the older girls! 

All the above pictures were from rehearsal day, cameras weren't allowed at the actual recital.  But truthfully I probably would have forgotten to take pictures while they were on stage....I was too busy shedding a proud parent tear and grinning ear to ear. 

I can't speak the same for Brett regarding the tears since he actually watched them from the audience and I watched from backstage...but there is no doubt he wasn't a proud pop!

So there marks the end of the dance ERA for now.....Even with the success they had and fun it was we've decided to spend our time at gymnastics....The girls made some from friends that I am sure they'll still ask about all the time....

So as one door closes, another opens.  Weds we started gymnastics....from the 1 class that they have had so far it's pretty apparent that both are definitely in their element.    

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