Monday, July 23, 2012

Return of the Blogger

Like I always say.....we have been soo busy lately.  So hard to get the moment to sit and catch up with the Blog.  We've been escaping the AZ heat by going to the pool at least 2 times a week.  Thank heavens for ISR lessons.  Best decision we have made so far.  So nice to see the kids independent in the water. 

Brooklyn and Alexis started Gymnastics earlier this month....I have a feeling this activity will be a routine in our extra curriculars. 

July 4th was celebrated at my work.  Brett brought the girls to see me at work so we can watch the huge firework display at Schnepfs Farn from the massive windows in the lounge (and the comfort of the A/C)

Brooklyn and Alexis had their first sleepover....their friend Taylor and mommy helper extrodinaire spent the night with the girls. Brooklyn keeps asking to have more sleepovers nearly every day.

We made the last minute decision to enroll Alexis in preschool.  She'll be starting the same cirriculum that Brooklyn did last year.  My hesitation was her age since she even younger then their cut off, but both the preschool director and I both feel she'll do just fine.  She does just fine keeping up with her older sister.  She's very excited to be starting school.  I think it'll be great she'll learn some independence from her sister (although I know that'll be a major hurdle first day of school when she's left in the class without Brooklyn)

I found my way to the Gym and working out.  I'm slowly learning to like it and enjoy it.  It also gives me something to do with the kids since they love going to the gym childcare area.  Bonus for me!  We'll see how long this working out routine sticks.  I do have to admit that when I don't manage to get to the gym guilt overcomes me and the elliptical and P90x dvds have been dusted off quite nicely.  I've manage to do something excercise related at least once a day.  (at least that's my goal!) 

Last but not least....we've spent an afternoon tracking down all our puppies in the house and the total of beloved puppies is 70.   

So there you have it friends and family!  We haven't gotten lost or forgotten  how to blog.  Just busy with life.  I'll make a better point on updating more often. 

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