Tuesday, August 7, 2012

School Days

Sheasus started her first day of PreSchool today

We did not anticipate this being a hard milestone for her since she is following her big sisters foot steps and going to the same school as Brooklyn did and has the exact same teacher.  We adore Miss Tina and knew Sheasus did too since she kept trying to go to class with Brooklyn all last year

She was quite Stoked over her new backpack and since it was her very first day she got to ride with Daddy in his car.  Apparently this is a special treat for the girls....

Wonderwise Preschool was recently remodeled this summer so even more exciting for the kids.

Sheaus quite hesitant...not really used to being able to go into the class and actually staying...since she was used to dropping her Big sister off.

She hs her own special owl for the tree...

I think this is the point where she is realizing that Mommy Daddy and Brooklyn weren't going to stay with her and the hesitation and protest starts..

She tried her signature pout lip to get Daddy to stay with her...

AND her come the water works!  I had  Brooklyn and Daddy leave (Since we know Daddy is a SUCKER and wouldn't be able to walk away from his crying  baby) sat her in her chair and then I turned and walked away. Would have been harder if this was my first time at doing this, but Thankfully Brooklyn eased me into it last year.  I knew she'd be fine. 

 3 hours lately I anxiously and quickly returned to find out that my Baby girl did just fine!!!!!  Wahoo!  Miss Tina reported to us that she stopped crying within minutes.  Brooklyn and I greeted her with lots of hugs and kisses.

Shortly after our arrival home...my girl that no longer napped decided to take it up again!


stay tuned to the Stephenson Adventures.... as Brooklyn conquers her first day of PreK tomorrow.... (yes I have one child going MWF and the other T/Th....my days will be busy, but my mornings dedicated to one child.....this will be quite the adjustment)

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