Tuesday, October 9, 2012

BEST City in the World

Funny how you grow an appreciation of a city and place after you no longer live there. 
Chicago is my Kind of town! 
 I forget what Fall is like in the Windy city and it's surrounding metropolitan area. It has been nearly 10 years since I've actually been there in the peak of Fall.....I have now made it my goal to always visit this time of year every year.  There is nothing like the cool crisp weather (especially when you're growing sick of the 100 degree temps of the Desert) and the bold beautiful color array of the Autumn leaves.  The girls and I spent 9 days in Chicago last week visiting family and friends. 

Here we are In Woodstock Illinois for the Fall Festival. 

My Goofballs....being Bozos

A  little Quick Photo Shoot before heading to the Zoo. 

In the front yard of the parent's place by the flowers Brooklyn helped Pepaw plant last year.

Back to being Bozos....I consider myself lucky if I can get them to both look at the camara. 

Downtown Chicago
Lincoln Park Zoo

Best of Friends...

Hanging with Uncle Ro Ro

So unfortunately half of my pictures were taken with my Phone.  So you"ll have to stay tuned for the IPhone Photo documentation of the trip!

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