Monday, October 29, 2012

Let the Celebrations begin!

My mom came for a short weekend visit on Friday night. She left earlier today and despite the very short trip we were able to accomplish plenty! I love when my mom is In town. Friday night we picked her up and went to dinner at a yummy Vietnamese pho restaurant. On Saturday my mom carved a pumpkin with the girls.... I woke up to this beauty....

Gosh she's good! Puts me to shame....I'm not going to even attempt pumpkin carving next year. After that we headed to lunch and then took the kids to a mini carnival close to the house.

After the fun at the carnival we headed shopping. Doing what mom and I do best. Teaching my kids early! My mom bought me my birthday present while we were out.

My parents are the best! What girl doesn't just love a new purse?!

Afterwards we headed for some teppanyaki dinner.

It was a wonderful day and of course her trip had to end. The girls miss their Memaw! They have been quite lucky the past couple months and got to see Memaw and Pepaw 3 different times!

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