Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our future popstar

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

girls best friend

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Home Alone

Brett recently took a work trip to NYC. By recent I mean he flew back home 4 hours ago. He left Nov 6th and arrived home only last night. His original 3 days in NYC was extended to 11 while he was there. His purpose of the trip was to help with the damage Hurricaine Sandy recently left on the East Coast. Specifically on the different Chase branches left damaged. Of course Brett didn't hesitate to go when asked. Given a 1/2 day notice, that left us to scramble and find help with caring for the girls while I worked my night shifts. Thankfully I have a full database of nannies, sitters, au pairs, and Mommy helpers that came to the rescue! Although we missed Brett desperately we managed to survive. Thankfully technology allowed us face to face conversation thru FaceTime. A couple times a day the girls saw their daddy. I snuck in a few calls myself. It sucked being apart, but given the work and purpose of why he was there I had to count my blessings. Brett was even able to keep his plans to go to New Orleans with Brady this past weekend.

They had great seats to the New Orleans Saints game.

After a quick trip to the South it was back to business for Brett in Manhattan and Long Island. Leave it to Brett to instantly bond with the people he met there. I think the armed security at the branches grew quite fond of him.....

Back on the homefront, the girls and I kept busy...

Birthday parties for the kiddos.,,

One for the mommies...

Complete with the trip to the tattoo shop....not for me, because like Brett said that night when we called him to tell him, "Mae's mom would kill her"

We had some girl bonding time

And Deucer bonding..,

Colored pictures for daddy....

Went on with our normal routine.., which meant gymnastics lessons... But a quick nap before hand.

Playing dress up

Taking bike rides to the park...

Then of course outside our normal daily activities I was able to catch up on TV shows at night after the girls had gone to sleep and indulge on some baked Brie....

Something Brett doesn't prefer...
Nor does he care for shows that include this guy...

Best part of the 11days that Brett was away was I had a sleepover buddy in my bed.

It was a long 11 days! But we are excited to have Brett home (trying not to think about the next upcoming work trip in a couple weeks. )
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Class Photo Opps

The preschool had the kids redo their class photo this past week. All I heard was that the original one was Terrible... but they weren't showing the parents. i was dying to see how bad it really was.... I finally heard thru the grapevine that we could view the pics online thru the company website....

Forgive the poor quality.... I had to take a pic of the computer screen with my phone. I wanted to save this image for memories and laughs in the future. I heart the girl who was completely turned around. I was shocked it wasn't Sheasus!

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Solo Shots

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sleepover Thursday

Best parents in the world! Sleepovers on a school night! We rock!

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Happy Halloween!!!

On the way to trick or treating..... Sheasus needs a cat nap...

Good friends...

This is the kiddos candy collection afterwards! Score for mommy and Daddy!

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