Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Spirit of giving

This year, like last, we opted to forgo exchanging gifts with friends and family and rather spend money to buy for those less fortunate. It was money so well better spent and I'm glad to have made this a yearly tradition.

This year our family chose to donate to the Children's Crisis center of Phoenix. It is a 45 bed shelter that serves as a temporary home for kids birth to 16 years old. For whatever reason these kids are placed there until a more permanent situation is found for them. Most kids stay anywhere from 3 weeks til 2 months. My heart aches at the thought that they have no home....and worse yet during the holiday.

The shelter was able to supply a wish list for the kids during the holiday and We had so much fun buying up toys r us!

I will continue to do this every year and continue to encourage the spirit of giving to my 2 girls. They are quickly learning how blessed they are, to continue thanking God for their blessings, as well as how to give back to those less fortunate.

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