Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weekend getaway

This past weekend we took a family trip to one of our favorite get away spots. SAN DIEGO. We have a usual spots in SD that we love to visit but this trip we discovered a few new places that will add to that list. Del Mar being one of them...

Our ultimate favorite place is Coronado island. Lunch at The Del

Play time at the beach

How can you not love this postcard picture perfect place?!

Of course a trip is never complete without a visit to la Jolla.

The harbor seal to the left was actually in active labor. We stood there for quite some time waiting to see if she'd give birth. Wasn't looking like it was going to happen anytime soon so we went up by the shops to get a snack and walk around. On our way back we checked on the seal and she had delivered her pup 20 mins prior! We missed it, but we did get to witness the flock of seagulls fighting over the afterbirth. I would have rather not seen that.

We also never visit San Diego without a trip to Seaport Village.

Love our family getaways!!!!!

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