Tuesday, January 21, 2014

All summed up.

Part of my "excuses" for lack of blogging was how incredibly busy life got since Sept.
Sept we celebrated Brett's 36th birthday, I successfully planned a surprise party.
Brooklyn got student of the month!
We went to a Diamondback game where Brett had the honor of making a presentation for work.  Brooklyn stole his thunder and caught a foul ball.
October Brett went to Miami and one of my Besties came to AZ to spend the weekend. Keri and I met up with old friends and caught up.  It was a wonderful weekend.
Later that month the girls and I visited Chicago.
In November I turned 34 :(
The whole family went to Chicago to celebrate Thanksgiving.
Brett and I managed another trip to Lambeau field with wonderful friends.  I FROZE.
December I was honored at work with the Daisy award. 
Memaw and Pepaw came to celebrate Christmas.  We took a trip to Flagstaff for a night to play in the snow and boarded a trolley that took us through a magic portal to the North Pole.  Brooklyn and Alexis met Santa, Mrs. Claus and all their Elves.
Christmas morning was a memorable one.  Seeing Brooklyn and Alexis meet Santa's gift for them.  They both lit up when Daisy popped out of her box. 
New Years eve was spent low key and at home.
Another resolution for us.... spend more time at home this year.  With a trip every month for the last seven I was happy to make that resolution.  
We love to travel that's no secret, but sometimes it nice to simply be home.  
Having Daisy helps with that.  
Can't leave a puppy as easily as we've had it in the past.
That's our short and sweet. 

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