Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Family Favorites

San Diego.
We need to move there.
But instead we just visit as often as we can.
(Third time in one year)
Alexis' Birthday...
another excuse to get away.

Shark or Dolphin?

Pretty sure Dolphin since there seemed to be 2,
but I like to say Shark because it always seems to make a better story.

Coronado Island.
Brett and I have been here more then a dozen times it seems.
It never gets old....

Seaport Village.
Full of tourists.
Great People watching
and a must stop for us.

Nearly a toothless smile!

Bonus visits to San Diego means
meeting up with a Bestie Keri and her family!

A more recent discovery...
Powerhouse Park in Del Mar
Complete with climbing tree, park, beach, restaurants
(our fav Pizza Place, Del Mar Pizza) and
spectacular Sunsets.

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