Thursday, January 30, 2014

Home School

Let's be honest....
I do not have the patience to be
a early childhood educator.
But not 20 plus of them in the same room 
all at once
all day long....
5 days a week.
It's no wonder they need summers off!

I was lucky to have Brooklyn home with me the past 4 days.
(Fever of 104 last night bought her that 4th day today)
In an effort to keep up with her missing school work
I've taken on being a homeschool teacher.
 We are working on our 5 senses....
Thank God for Youtube... I was able to find some video lessons.
She journaled what she learned...

My child can draw!!!
Here's the close up....

Onto reading.....

Home schooling would not be possible in my house 
with both kids home.
I have my limits...
Alexis is at preschool again today.
I'm using a whole bottle of chlorox wipes to sterilize the house.

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