Sunday, August 24, 2014

On the greens

Stephenson Men
golfing weekend
to celebrate this guy 
getting old.

Father and sons....


working on their swings.

getting some good old quality bonding time...

And letting this Stephenson Girl tag along and work on her game...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Desert Improv

We welcome the rain
in the desert.
It doesn't happen enough...
therefore we don't have 
any rain gear....
Who needs
an umbrella
when we are

Thursday, August 7, 2014


to my previous post 
about needing Pinterest
to inspire...
I curse Pinterest
for inspiring me
years ago
to revamp our 
powder room

a little boring....
needed a little bit more 
I saw stripes
on a pin.
I pinned it...
kept going back to it for months...
I think I may have even commented on the pin
"one day I will"
This last week was that one day.
but only it took me 3.
See why I curse Pinterest?
on a textured wall...

but oh do I love you
AFTER your complete...

Time to shop for some
pretty things to dress up
the pretty walls!


just keeps on amazing us
with her outstanding talent...
each day its a new thing.

here she is nailing her back handspring
on the wedge
after her first day trying....

two days later she is asked to try out
for the TOPs team at her gym.
She tried out...
She made it. 
I wanted to cry with pride 

She is one of 8 girls
on her TOPs team,
training to one day
make the TOPs
Diamond team.

Even if her training 
doesn't get her
a national team...
to get the opportunity to train for this...

Brooklyn however,
She is stoked she gets her own locker at the gym,
 no longer has to wait 
to be called out to the gym 
for her lesson.
Instead she's has privelages 
to enter the gym at her own free will
 at whatever time she arrives
and bypass the line of kids
anxiously waiting for their
level to be called out.
(the mind of a 6 year old)

She had her first work-out
with Coach Kesley
2.5 hours twice a week.
Let me tell you, 
I was out of breath just watching them.
I am AMAZED at the energy level
these little girls have!

who needs pinterest?!

Time to get creative 
without the inspiration from

I nailed my vision in my head!

Survival 101

planning a stay cation
is key to surviving the sweltering heat
that Phoenix 
provides us
This year we escaped to
JW Marriott Desert Ridge

Thank the Lord 
for wonderful friends
to escape with!