Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas!

A quiet Holiday
spent at home.

holiday card
Christmas Tree

I love that we started this a few yrs back.

Our Traditional
Christmas tree
with ornaments 
through our
over the past 
seven years.


the best gift
of all…
for any occasion…
or year….


Christmas Eve
we joined out friends 
for dinner
and a
Mass Celebration

That night we opened presents….

One of the best presents we got this year
was my parents moving to
San Diego…..
More holidays spent together…
more memories made.

Check out my gift
from the hubbie

he knows me well!

we made sure to spread some food for 
Santa's reindeer...

Brooklyn wrote him a letter...

Santa didn't need a whole glass of milk…

later that night Santa came….

Brooklyn discovered his visit
at 3am….
tried to get us up again
at 5am…..
then finally at 7am
we woke up to discover her passed out on our bedroom floor.

Needless to say, 
the girls were ready to play with 
all that Santa gifted them….

They were good girls this year!

Santa even brought a Karaoke machine….

(maybe Mommy and Daddy need to work on our behavior for next year!)

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