Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The season of Fall

Arizona celebrate the falling of leaves in January.... I'll take it any month of the year!!!!

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Home makeover

Thankful for talented crafty friends....
Girls are thankful for a dancing singing grampa to entertain them as well

They looked forward to seeing Steve every afternoon when they came home from school.....

The finished product!!!!

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our itty bitty teeny reader

Alexis started reading the other day!!!!!

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Monday, February 9, 2015

San Diego Zoo!!!

Can you believe
that in
our visits
San Diego,
we have never been to
the world famous
until last month…...

I finally get all the hype…
it is a pretty Awesome ZOO.


This five year old girl was pretty excited to celebrate her birthday with her friends
at school,
and then hop in a car
to finish the big celebration 
Even Lola Rose came from Chicago
to celebrate….
And to check out the
new abode
Pepaw and Memaw!!!!

we all thoroughly enjoyed our time there…
spending time with family,
and exploring the property.